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Talia Joy Castellano (1999-2013)

It’s ok to mourn her death, but let’s celebrate this 13-year-old makeup guru’s inspirational life.

I love you so much and just remember there is someone who loves you dearly in this world. You are beautiful in every way possible! ♡ Just keep swimming.” - From her final Youtube video


alright biddies, let me have a moment to talk about harry styles.

last night at the tinley park concert on july 14th, my mom scored us some last minute front row tickets and i’m so grateful because otherwise i would have not witnessed the most beautiful act of kindness i have ever seen for myself.

across the aisle from my mom and me there was this deaf girl and her friend, and they were like boppin’ to the music and “singing” along by signing out all the lyrics. and during one of the songs, after a hazza solo, he bows down in front of the girl and signs/mouths “thank you.” and the girl just turns to her friend and starts SCREAMING as any of us would do if harry styles would personally bow to us and say thanks.

as the show went on, sir styles would keep looking over at her and copying her sign language as best as he could and god. 

this girl, who has never heard one direction’s music and never will, is still so moved by it that she paid for front row tickets.

when the show ended she just sat down and cried and cried and cried like there was no tomorrow. it would have been an unforgettable experience for her either way, but then harry went out of his way to make sure it was one of the best nights of her life and i just.

if i think about this too much i’ll cry too.

it was beautiful. faith in humanity = restored.




Omfg you go Luke coco




Luke Brooks

Barack Obama

Spongebob square pants

why do girls look so good in over sized sweaters and messy buns but when i do it i look like i stepped out of a meth lab


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Macklemore speaks the fuckin truth.

People don’t realize how much of a genius Macklemore really is. The only song they know is Thrift Shop, when there are so many more wonderful songs. He raps about the problems of the world. And that is what makes him an inspiring person.


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there is a knocking at my window i wonder if it is a boy come to confess his love for me

it is a confused bird

I support 5 homosexuals who are in this band called "One Direction" have you heard of them? Thought so..

Someday I'll be..
- Doing a twitcam with Liam
- Getting a tat & looking fab with Zayn
- Being a random ass mofo with Louis
- Eating Nandos with Niall
- Saying things no one understands, eating some tacos, and adopting cats with Harry

Message me if you wanna know anything about me! :) x

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